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Shifting between fiction and nonfiction in his narrative paintings, Ronald Hall creates otherworldly spaces in which figures engage in and reflect upon the past, present, and future. “The computer plays an important role in the development process as far as color experimentation, composition, and scale,” Hall has said. His artistic practice directly draws upon his experience as an African American man, and his childhood growing up in the rougher parts of Pittsburgh. He distorts domestic interiors, plantations, and other environmental structures into eerie dreamscapes that invoke historical and contemporary issues involving race and social

constructionism. His frequent inclusion of media references—such as Minecraft, photographs from Civil Rights protests, and racist character tropes—captures the intricate web of biases embedded in our everyday lives.


Hall is a native of Pittsburgh where he attended the High School For Creative And Performing Arts, later studied illustration at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and also studied at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. In 1999 he relocated to Seattle, where he joined Gallery 110 as an artist-member and began exhibiting works at major north western institutions such as The Tacoma Museum, The Seattle Art Museum and The Wing Luke Asian Museum. Hall has been the recipient of many prestigious art awards and grants such as the Gottlieb Foundation Grant, the Pollock-Krasner Grant, The Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program, The Bronx Museum of the Arts AIM Program, the Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Grant, and the recipient of the 2013 Artist Fellowship Award in Seattle.


Selected Group Exhibitions:

Art Cake Exhibition Space

“Residents Exhibition”

Brooklyn, NY - July 14th - October 13th 2023


Art Cake Exhibition Space

“Anniversary Resident Showcase”

Brooklyn, NY - July 14th - March 11th 2023


Hesse Flatow


New York, NY - July 14th - August 26th 2022


VillageOne Art

“Revealing The Beauty Within”

New York, NY - May 24th - June 25th 2022


Aout Gallery

“Young Dreams”

Gemmayzeh, Beirut - February 24th - April 1st 2021


Wa Na Wari Arts Space

Seattle, WA. - January 2nd 2020 - March 8th 2020


Provincetown Art Association and Museum

"The 2018 Grant Recipients"

Provincetown, MA September 27th - November 10th, 2019


Center On Contemporary Art

"Painters Who Know How To Paint"

Seattle, WA June 7th - July 14th, 2018


Horton Gallery

4912 Main Street

Houston. Texas September 9th - October 22, 2016


The Bronx Museum of the Arts

AIM Program group exhibition

The Bronx, NY – July 9th – September 20th 2015


Smack Mellon


Brooklyn, NY – January – February 22nd 2015


Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

Bridgehampton, NY – February 2015


Governors Island Art Fair

“7th Annual Governors Island Art Fair”

New York, NY - September 2014


Ground Floor Gallery

“Through and Through”

Brooklyn, NY - February 12th - March 23rd, 2014


Wing Luke Asian Museum

“Under My Skin: Artists Explore Race

Seattle, WA - May 10th – November 17th, 2011


Center on Contemporary Art

“CoCA Collision: Past, Present, & Future Members Show”

Seattle, WA - July 29th - September 13th 2013


BOSI Contemporary


New York, NY - June 9th – August 11th, 2013


Gallery 110

“The Other Gun Show”

Seattle, WA – May 2nd – June 1st, 2013


Gallery HO

“Stop & Staring 1: Composers”

New York, NY – June 20th – July 10th, 2012


Papillion Institute of Art

“Do You Hear Us”

Los Angeles, CA – April 15th – June 5th, 2011


Gallery 110

“Past Journeys, Present Tense”

Seattle, WA – June 2nd – July 2nd, 2011


Center on Contemporary Art

Seattle, WA - February, 2009

Northwest Art Center, Minot State University


Minot, ND - August 25th to September 26th, 2008

Center on Contemporary Art


Seattle, WA - January 26th to March 5th, 2008

Pacini Lubel Gallery

Gallery members group show

Seattle, WA - February 2008


Seattle Art Museum Gallery

"Body Image"

Seattle, WA - November 8th to December 8th, 2007


Pacini Lubel Gallery

Gallery members group show

Seattle, WA - February 2007


Spokane Arts Commission

Spokane, WA - June 21st thru July 15th, 2005


Maude Kerns Art Center

"From Experience"

Eugene, OR - January 14th thru February 18th, 2005


Wing Luke Asian Museum

"Beyond Talk: Redrawing Race"

Seattle, WA - April 30 thru December 12, 2004


Northwest Biennial: Building Wise

Tacoma Art Museum

Curated by renowned installation artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov

Tacoma, WA - April 16 thru August 29 2004

Solo Exhibitions:

Duane Thomas Gallery - “New Paintings” - September 24th, 2020 - December 14th, 2020

Ground Floor Gallery - "Undisclosed: Visual Conversations" - April 2019

Basile Gallery of Indiana University's Heron School of Art & Design - January 2018

Gallery 4 Culture – “The N Word”, Seattle, WA - January, 2014

Gallery 110 – “Structure and Restructure”, Seattle, WA - April, 2012

Custom House Studios and Gallery - Westport, Ireland - March – April 2007

International Gallery of Contemporary Art - Anchorage, Alaska - October thru November - 2006

Kittredge Gallery, University of Puget Sound - Tacoma, WA - August 28 thru

September 28 2006 - "Recent Works" – also Showing, Jacob Lawrence

The Susquehanna Art Museum - "A Soulful Journey", Harrisburg, Pa - July 14 thru September 30, 2005

Gallery 110 - Seattle, WA - August 2003

Art Fairs:

Expo Chicago - 2024

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair - New York, NY - May, 2023

West Bund Art Fair - Shanghai, China - Nov, 2021 

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair - New York, NY - May, 2021

Portal Art Fair - New York, NY - May, 2016

Spring/Break Art Fair - New York, NY - March, 2016

Selected Reviews and Publications:

Smack Mellon Hot Picks - 2017 Top Artists List

Smack Mellon Hot Picks program, 2015 Top Artists List

Art Voices Magazine: - 9/2013 - 25 Artists to Watch & Collect

The Stranger, “Slog” - 4/2013 -  Seattle art reviews, art critic Jen Graves

The Stranger, “Slog” - 4/2012 –  Seattle art reviews, art critic Jen Graves

Residencies, Grants & Awards:

Headlands Center For The Arts Residency, Sausalito, CA - (Upcoming, Summer 2024)

Triangle Arts Residency, Brooklyn, NY - 2024

Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program - Brooklyn, NY - 2021 - 2022

Elizabeth Foundation For the Arts Studio Program - New York, NY -  2018 - 2019

Skowhegan School of Painting And Sculpture, Skowhegan, MN - 2016

The Bronx Museum of the Arts (AIM program) - Bronx, NY - April 2015 to June 2015

NARS; Studio Residency Fellowship - Brooklyn, NY - Jan 2014 to June 2014

Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation Individual Grant Recipient - 2023

Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Grant - 2018

Pollock-Krasner Grant - 2016

2013 Artist Fellowship Award - The Artist Trust organization of Washington State.


Skowhegan School of Painting And Sculpture, Skowhegan, MN - 2016

Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa

High school for the Creative and Performing Arts, Pittsburgh, Pa


Born in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Based in Brooklyn, NY

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